Choosing a Suitable Location for Your Saltwater Reef Aquarium

After you have decided on your tank type, size and shape, you need to know where to put it in your house. This is another important thing which is often over-look by beginners who think that they can easily re-located the tank if the original place chosen is not suitable.  If you have this thinking, then just remember that a full aquarium is very heavy, difficult and dangerous to move. You will most probably end up with a broken tank unless you emptied the tank first. However, this will lead to other problem especially if your tank has already been stocked with fishes and invertebrates.

A suitable location for the saltwater reef tank is a place where there is enough space for your tank without cramming the room. It should also be away from direct sunlight to prevent algae growth. There should also be minimum fluctuation in the room temperature so that the tank temperature can be maintained at the optimum range without the help of too many types of equipment.  Follow this link for some basic guide and to know more about the importance of choosing the correct location for your saltwater reef aquarium.