The Best Filtration System To Use in a Saltwater Reef Aquarium – The Berlin Method

The Berlin Filtration system is one of the most effective and popular filtration method used today by hobbyist as it is easy to set-up and also maintained. This is a biological filtration system and all that is needed to set it up is live sand or live rocks. This is to create condition conducive for the anaerobic bacteria that convert the ammonia from the decaying organics matter into less harmful compounds to grow and multiply. One drawback of the Berlin Filtration system is that it is not a very efficient filtration system and in order to support more fishes, you will need to have a lot of live sands and live rocks (about 1.5 pounds per gallon). You can improve the effectiveness of the filtration system without using more live sands or rock, by using a protein skimmer as part of the filtration system. A protein skimmer helps to separate the organic matters from the water before they turn into ammonia, thus reducing the biological filter load. This will enable you to put more fishes and invertebrates in the tank. For more information about The Berlin Filtration Method or System, click on the link.

Choosing and Preparing Saltwater for Your Aquarium

Seawater or saltwater is the most critical component of the aquarium as it is the medium where your fishes and invertebrates live in. Although choosing to use natural sea water from the ocean or sea is the best choice, this is often not convenient for most hobbyists. As such, most hobbyists today use a commercial dry salt mix added with clean fresh water to the required salinity. Careful selection of the salt mix is important as not all salt mix is of the same quality and mineral content. The best salt mix is the one which gives you the best approximation of the natural sea water mineral content. Whatever salt mix that you choose, please do not uses the ordinary kitchen salt as these have normally been added with additional chemical which makes them unsuitable for use in your saltwater reef aquarium and will harm your saltwater creatures. Visit this page for more information and guide on how to choose and prepare saltwater for your tank.