Heater and Heating System for Saltwater Reef Aquarium

Keeping your saltwater reef aquarium temperature at a stable range is important to the well being of your fishes and invertebrates. Depending on the type of creatures that you keep, it is generally desirable to maintain the tank temperature to be between 72F Р78F (22-25C).  Higher temperature is normally not recommended for the saltwater reef tank as the amount of dissolved oxygen in the warmer water is less then in the cooler water. The temperature should also be control so that the fluctuation is as little as possible to prevent from stressing the fishes or corals which can cause infections or illness to them. It is generally easier and cheaper to heat up an aquarium than to cool it down and also using two smaller power rating heater instead of one bigger rating heater is better as this will give you a more balance water temperature circulation. click on the link for more information and guide about Heater and Heating System for Saltwater Aquarium, .

Choosing Saltwater Reef Aquarium Lighting System and Requirement

Choosing a good and quality lighting system is important in a saltwater reef aquarium as most corals and anemones need the correct amount of light to grow and stay healthy. When exposed to too little light, they will have a stunted growth and will die. Too much light will also cause harm and stress to these organisms. As such, lighting should be just at the right amount in term of intensity and spectrum. This is due to the fact that the corals and anemones have the symbiotic algae called zooxanthellae in their tissue and each algae have their own light requirement. For beginners, it is recommended that you start with a lighting system that is within the 6,500 k Р10,000 K range as this is the condition found during noon time around the tropical oceans. However, depending on the type of corals and anemones that you keep, you might need to adjust the lighting later to suit the specific requirement of your saltwater reef tank inhabitants. Visit the following page for more information and guide about choosing saltwater reef aquarium lighting system and requirement,