Creating Good Water Movement or flow with Powerhead or Water Pump

Having a good water flow or movement in your saltwater reef aquarium is an important requirement if you want your fishes, corals and anemones to stay healthy and strong. Good water movement or flow is especially needed by the corals and anemones as they depend on the water flow to bring them oxygen, food and to remove waste by-product. Fishes will also benefit by having a good water flow in the saltwater reef aquarium as this will give them some physical activity when swimming against the flow. For more information and guide on how to create the perfect water movement or water flow in the saltwater reef aquarium using your power heads or submersible water  pumps, click on the link.

Chiller or Cooling System for the Saltwater Reef Aquarium

If you live in an area with seasonal heat spells that causes your aquarium water temperature to vary a lot during the day time and night, then you need to have a chiller or cooling system for your saltwater reef aquarium The use of chiller or cooling system in the tank will bring down the water temperature to the desirable range. The use of chiller or cooling system will also ensure that the water temperature will not vary too much so that the fishes and invertebrates will not be stressed. Generally it is best to maintain your water temperature to be between 72°F – 78°F (22°C-25°C). Chiller is expensive and complicated equipment and if your tank needs it to maintain the ideal temperature, then it is best that you plan it into your overall system and layout during the set-up stage. Visit this page for more information and guide about saltwater reef aquarium cooling system or chilling system.