Substrate or Sand Bed for Saltwater Reef Aquarium

Whether or not to put substrate or sand bed in your saltwater reef aquarium will depend on your preference. However, having a substrate or sand bed in an aquarium will have the following benefit:
1. It will make you tank landscaping to look more beautiful and attractive as a combination of sandy substrate with live rocks will create a more natural look or environment for your tank.
2. Having a sand bed will improve your tank biological filter de-nitrification process compare to having only live rocks. However, to achieve this, your substrate thickness or depth should at least be about three to four inch.

For more information about the benefit of substrate or sand bed in a saltwater reef aquarium, click on the link.

Benefit of Protein Skimmer in an Aquarium

Protein skimmer is an equipment that every saltwater reef aquarium should have. Its purpose is to reduce the load of the ammonia-neutralizing bacteria in your tank. Protein skimmer can be considered as the first line of defense against the harmful effects of ammonia and nitrite in the saltwater reef aquarium. By having a protein skimmer, you will be able to keep a higher number of inhabitants in a smaller tank as it will help to reduce the load of the tank biological filter by removing the organic waste from the water before it decay and turn into ammonia and harm your fishes and corals. Visit this page to know more about the benefit of protein skimmer in the saltwater reef aquarium.