Saltwater Reef Aquarium Water & Chemical Parameters Monitoring & Control

After you have successfully set-up your saltwater reef aquarium, you will need to monitor the tank water chemical parameters such as the pH, alkalinity, ammonia, nitrite and salinity. Constant checking  is required to ensure that the parameters stay within a certain tolerances and if not, proper action can be taken quickly to bring it back to the desired range before causing any harm to the fishes, corals or anemones. It is also important to keep the variations in the water parameters to as small as possible. Stability in the water condition and parameters is important to prevent stressing the fishes, corals and anemones. For more information about saltwater reef aquarium water and chemical parameters, click on the link.

Live rock or live sand in the Saltwater Reef Aquarium

Starting your first saltwater reef aquarium with live rock or live sand will help to shorten the time needed for your tank to re-cycle properly. This is because the life rocks and live sand will create a perfect environment for the nitrifying bacteria to grow and thrive. Life rocks are basically calcium carbonate remains of dead corals and other calcareous sea creatures. Before choosing your live rocks, it is important that you have already decided on your saltwater reef aquarium theme first. This is because live rock from different oceans will have a different kind of coralline algae that grows on it and each coralline algae will have their own unique color. For more information about live rock and live sand, click on the link.