Phosphate in A Saltwater Reef Aquarium

Phosphate is another unwanted element in your saltwater reef aquarium that you need to be aware of and control. However, due to it’s relatively ‘harmless’ effects on the fishes or invertebrates, many beginners do no see the need to monitor and control their phosphate level until it causes problem to the tank.  High phosphate level in the saltwater reef aquarium will cause uncontrollable algae growth and interfere in the calcification process which is needed for the healthy growth of corals and invertebrates. High phosphate level will cause slower or stunted growth in the corals and invertebrates. The optimum level of phosphate to maintain in the tank for the healthy growth of corals, invertebrates and plankton is about 0.02 ppm. Visit this page for more information about phosphate and how to remove it in the saltwater reef aquarium.