Choosing Saltwater Reef Aquarium Lighting System and Requirement

Choosing a good and quality lighting system is important in a saltwater reef aquarium as most corals and anemones need the correct amount of light to grow and stay healthy. When exposed to too little light, they will have a stunted growth and will die. Too much light will also cause harm and stress to these organisms. As such, lighting should be just at the right amount in term of intensity and spectrum. This is due to the fact that the corals and anemones have the symbiotic algae called zooxanthellae in their tissue and each algae have their own light requirement. For beginners, it is recommended that you start with a lighting system that is within the 6,500 k – 10,000 K range as this is the condition found during noon time around the tropical oceans. However, depending on the type of corals and anemones that you keep, you might need to adjust the lighting later to suit the specific requirement of your saltwater reef tank inhabitants. Visit the following page for more information and guide about choosing saltwater reef aquarium lighting system and requirement,

Selecting Your Saltwater Reef Aquarium or Tank

When choosing your aquarium or tank size, it is best to choose a tank that is about 75 gallons or more if you can afford it and there is ample space in your house to put it. Larger tank will make it easier for you to maintain your saltwater reef aquarium stability as larger water volume means that changes to the water condition will be more slowly compared to a mini tank. However, some drawbacks to a bigger tank are that it is more expensive to set-up and also need more time and money in its maintenance. Visit this page for more information and guide on choosing your first saltwater reef aquarium tank to avoid the confusion that many beginner hobbyists faced when trying to buy their first tank.

Why You Need A Plan ?

When starting, first, you need to have a plan for you reef aquarium, even if it is a very simple and basic plan. A plan will help you to decide on the type of reef tank that you intend to set-up. This will determine the equipment’s needed and the budget involved. Do not start your aquarium base on impulse after seeing the beautiful marine creatures without understand the hard work, time and money involved.

First Step : Planning

Are you interested in starting a hobby in saltwater fish? The colorful and unique marine fishes, coral reefs and invertebrates are a sight to behold and the temptation of bringing one into your living room is very hard to resists. A lot of people wants to start a saltwater reef aquarium as a hobby but are afraid of the difficulty and complication that is often associated with keeping a saltwater aquarium compare to freshwater aquarium. However, all these are past history as the science and technology of keeping saltwater aquarium and fish have evolved and improve dramatically over the past years. Today, setting up and maintaining a reef aquarium is not that complicated. Visit this site for more information about beginner’s guide and secret on starting a saltwater reef aquarium.

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