Your First First Fish – Common Clownfish (Amphiprion ocellaris)

The Amphiprion Ocellaris or Common Clownfish is a suitable first fish for beginners. They are considered as a small fish as their maximum adult’s size is about 4 inches. As such, they are suitable even for smaller saltwater reef aquarium tank and can be kept successfully even without a host anemone. The Ocellaris or Common Clownfish is not a very aggressive species and is quite easy to care for. They get along well with other small fishes such as blennies, gobies, damselfish, tangs, wrasses, etc. Although the Ocellaris Clownfish is among the least aggressive among the clownfish species, they can be quite aggressive with members of the same species or clownfish species in the tank when kept in a group. Visit this page to know more information about Amphiprion Ocellaris or Common Clownfish and it’s care.