Ammonia and Nitrite Monitoring and Control

The presence of ammonia and nitrite in the saltwater reef aquarium is often the main cause for the death of fishes and other creatures in the tank. For a healthy tank, the ammonia level should be controlled and maintained at zero ppm while nitrite level should be control to below 0.2 ppm. Immediate actions are needed to reduce the ammonia level if it is more than 0.1 ppm before the situation worsen and become out of control. Some common cause that might cause your saltwater reef aquarium ammonia and nitrite level to spike are:

  1. Overfeeding.
  2. Decomposition of left-over food.
  3. Inefficient protein skimmer.
  4. Addition of some medicines to treat diseases, especially antibiotics.
  5. Overcrowded tank, causing the natural nitrification capacity of the tank unable to cope with the existing load.

For more information about ammonia and nitrite and how to control it in the saltwater reef aquarium, click on the link.